1. o-8:

    Xena sketches and picture via Sketch Dailies. I spent too much time coloring one of these haha orz. She’s too fun to draw, perhaps I’ll finish some of the others / do more if I have time.

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  2. How To Cast & Mold Armor


  3. jeanmarcoing:

    things to call your best friend:

    • asshole
    • loser
    • fucking nerd
    • piece of shit
    • fuckin egg
    • wife/waifu/husbando
    • mayonnaise egg
    • bitch salad
    • meme loving fuck

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  4. appendageart:

    Lucatiel of Mirrah is super cool 

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  5. natgeofound:

    Visitors stroll in a clear tunnel beneath a pond of waterlilies in St. Louis, 1965.
    Photograph by Bruce Dale, National Geographic


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  8. apricots-from-nara:

    When you in da club and your song starts playing


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    *tips estus* M’jula

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  11. phantomdeer:

    8) = fucking shit nerd

    B) = cool, sophisticated jock motherfucker

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  12. wavelessness:

    This abandoned tuberculosis hospital right down the street from my house has some of the most interesting and beautiful graffiti I’ve seen, I’m sad for not getting more pictures. It closed in the early ’80s, and some of the lockers still had patients’ rusted hangers in them. Supposedly one of the most haunted places in Massachusetts, although I didn’t experience anything (which was super disappointing). There’s three huge buildings and every time you turned around there was a new stairwell. I could’ve stayed for hours.

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