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    please help me

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    the music gets me every fucking time omg

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  4. Tumblr at this point is basically just members of oppressed groups getting mad at members of other oppressed groups for not being oppressed in the right way.


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    school cum

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  8. themes:


    A Tumblr theme built for high res photos and articles. You can set titles for your photo and photoset posts and even include an intro paragraph. The theme is responsive and has many customization options for typography and colors. 

    • Upload a header image and choose your own overlay color, even upload your own logo
    • Set a Title and intro paragraph on photoset posts
    • High res photos, including high res photosets
    • Responsive layout, works great on tablets and phones
    • Pages for Instagram and Flickr photos

    Check out Chronicle and more at tumblr.com/themes


  9. They just fired on the crowd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! peaceful protesters




    watch this link please now!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Do not just like this, reblog it and watch it, they need witnesses, the police need to know they are being watched and that black lives fucking matter 

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    Make a contract!

    Or I’ll cut you.

    /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

    witches ain’t shit and they ain’t sayin nothin

    a hundred puella magi can’t tell me nothin

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    “You Are Not the Hero” Follows the Trials and Tribulations of the NPC Left Behind

    RPGs follow a typical smash and grab pattern–that is to say, you smash your way into someone’s house, grab their loot, and leave. When playing Dragon Age, I often find myself chanting under my breath “kill things and take their stuff!” It’s just part of the game, after all. But what happens to the poor NPC you’ve just robbed? You Are Not the Hero follows the story of Petula, a young woman whose things were just taken by a band of jerky teen warriors. Pumped up with parody, satire, and tongue-in-cheek references to pop culture and memes, You Are Not the Hero aims to deconstruct the RPG genre… 


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    Picasso drawing with light in a triple exposure photograph, Vallauris, France, 1949.

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